7 Email Copywriting Tips

Feb 10, 2022

Email Copywriting

Wondering how to create better email copywriting? These tips are not only great for sales emails, they are helpful for any email communications.

Good structure and lively copy will both improve your conversation rates and improve your communication with colleagues and business contacts. It will even help you get quicker and better replies on your family email thread!

Read on for 7 easy to implement email copywriting tips.

1. Structure and readability

All that essay writing practice you did in school, carefully structuring papers into sections and subsections at university or college. Why do so many completely abandon this skillset when writing emails?

Poorly structured and hard to read emails ensure that your reader switches off right away. This will be detrimental to sales and it can hamper good communication in the workplace. We have all had a long, difficult to read email from a colleague. I am sure you very quickly closed that email with the intention of dealing with it later. Often that later never comes.

If you are the email sender, frustration ensues; why is no one replying? Or if they do respond, they don’t answer your questions correctly because the point of your email has been near impossible to find.

There are a few simple ways you can vastly improve your email communications;

  • Bullet points
  • Use headings
  • Use short sentences
  • Small paragraphs which cover just one main idea each
  • Get straight to the point!

2. Include an industry specific Call to Action

The Call to Action is where you tell someone what to do as a result of your email. Often it is a button which they can click, linking to your website or a form.

My first tip for this area of your email copywriting is to keep your Call to Action short, simple and punchy. Pair this with a colourful button, and it should really grab the reader’s attention.

I’d also advice using an action relevant to your industry rather than something generic i.e. ‘Find Your Fit’ rather than ‘Click Here’ or ‘Master the Guitar’ rather than ‘Find out More’.

3. Hook ’em in with a great subject line

This is the first thing people see, so it’s got to be good!

A good way to grab people’s attention is to use action phrases like ‘Sail the Amalfi Coast in style!’ or ‘Don’t miss your chance to sign up to our July challenge!’


You can keep it fun, emotive and make them feel part of your community e.g. ‘YOU made this happen! Big Love’ or ‘Hey girl, we hear you! Tell us your thoughts…’

Most importantly, make sure your subject line accurately describes what is in the email – say no co clickbait copywriting! Your readers will be disappointed if the email copy doesn’t reflect the subject line and they’ll be more likely to hit that unsubscribe button.

4. Keep it short

Ask yourself. Do you ever read long emails? People are unlikely to read an email at all if it’s too long, they’ll throw it away before even tackling the first paragraph. If they see it is something they can easily digest in a minute or two… they might just make it to the end!

5. Pull in content from other businesses

This is a great way to keep your email copy fresh. It is also a tool for fostering closer business relationships. Ask business partners in related industries, or anyone with something relevant to say, to write you a short email segment.

Other businesses will bring in new ideas and add further value to your emails. Their voice will also add a fresh tone. Offer to do the same for them and you’ll increase your visibility by reaching their email list.

6. Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to tell you customers who you are, even if it feels a little casual. Tell them your hobbies, what you did at the weekend, how you relax, the music you listen to. If you have a big event in your life let them know! This helps you create an emotional connection and makes the reader feel like they are buying from a ‘real person’ instead of a big corporate.

7. You, you and you!

The holy grail of copywriting – make the content about the reader. Wherever you can, change pronouns to ‘you’ and ‘your’. I’ve given some examples below:

Change ‘Our company is on a mission to go green, so we are getting rid of plastic packaging’ to ‘Your mission to go green just got easier as your order will no longer contain plastic packaging’

Change ‘Our charity has helped 100 children access life saving treatments this year’ to ‘Your generosity has given 100 children access to life saving treatments this year’

Change ‘Our email copywriting services are so good, your sales will go through roof!’ to ‘Your emails are going to read so beautifully, your sales will go through the roof!’

Email Copywriting Support

Hopefully this has been a helpful guide to enable you improve your email communications. If you are still feeling stumped or struggling for time, I offer copywriting services to suit a range of businesses. You can find out information on pricing here or get in touch and we can have a chat through your copywriting needs.

Katie Mullen Digital Marketing, putting the passion back into your business communications.

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