Feb 4, 2021

katie grass

Welcome to the Katie Mullen Digital Marketing Blog! In June of 2020 I decided to take a little leap of faith and start a digital marketing freelance business. I had spent many years working as a fundraiser for various charities and I had been heavily involved in both social media strategy and copywriting in each of these roles. Over the years, I realised that this was the area of my job I was most passionate about and I decided I wanted to do more.

So it was all a very smooth, well-planned transition into the world of freelancing… of course it wasn’t! I had some extra time on my hands in the Spring of 2020 (didn’t we all) and I was asked if I would be interested in taking on some freelance work for a Scottish Tour provider who were looking for someone to support them with their digital marketing. I was pretty nervous but I thought, why not? I absolutely love travelling around Scotland and I am also a keen hiker and a general outdoors enthusiast. I knew I could create brilliant content for this business.

What I hadn’t quite realised, was this meant I had to register as a sole trader, set up separate bank account and decide on a name for my new business. All of a sudden this was getting serious. However, I got myself organised (and legal), chose a name, found a graphic designer to create my logo and boom! Katie Mullen Digital Marketing was born.

Since then I have taken on a clients from a variety of sectors, including home renovations, an insolvency practitioner and I’ve even worked for a magician. No matter the business, I strive to ensure that their digital communications are interesting and create an emotional connection with their audience.

The one thing I was missing for the first few months was a website, but if you are reading this, I now have one! Thank you so much to the team at Buttered Host for building this beautiful website. I feel like a real businesswoman now, ready to take on the world of digital marketing…

Katie Mullen Digital Marketing – putting the passion back in your business communications.